Georgia to Open Borders to Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

At this stage, Georgia will open its borders to 5 countries, Prime Minister’s Adviser Irakli Chikovani announced at a briefing at the government administration on July 8.  

“Georgia is observing the current global situation and is taking appropriate steps to ensure the health of our citizens.

“At present, by the decision of the Inter-agency Coordination Council, Georgia will open its borders without any conditions to those 5 countries which likewise opened their borders to Georgia unconditionally. The list of countries includes Germany, France, Latvia, Lietuva and Estonia. Citizens of the mentioned countries will be able to arrive in Georgia only through direct flights. 

“Before crossing the Georgian border, citizens/residents of these countries must fill in special electronic applications available on the website in which they should provide the information about travel history in the past two weeks, contact information and the location they plan to stay in Georgia.

“With their consent, or if they will have a body temperature (37°C or above) while crossing the border, they will be tested for PCR at the airport.

“Also, those who have a history of traveling to non-EU high-risk countries during the last 14 days will undergo mandatory testing or quarantine,” he stated.

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